Some Important things to Know about Digital Printing

When it comes to designing, digital printing has some unique challenges of its own. However, these challenges can be easily overcome by following some important tips.
Use RGB space to colour correct images

If you are into professional digital printing services, you would know that the conversion of the images from RGB to CMYK results in a huge loss of colour information. This is the reason why you will be left with very few colours to work with while editing the image in Photoshop and while trying to make the changes in the image colours. But that is not it. There is another challenge. The conversion from RGB to CMYK results in the creation of black separation and also reduces the quantity of CMY. Depending upon the amount of CMY lost during separation, it might be extremely difficult to make the adjustments to image colour. Therefore, it is best to correct the images and pictures in the RGB colour space.

Test the Fonts

Digital Printing Services in Delhi, India always recommend that you test the fonts before using them. There are a number of free fonts available on the internet for easy download. However, there are some fonts that do are restricted in PDF creation and printing. Unfortunately, you cannot determine this until you have finalized the designing job. This is the reason why before you start designing your project, test the fonts. There are several digital printing services online that use the proper tools to test the fonts to ensure there are no problems later.


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