Concept of Banner Designing

Banners are an affordable and most easy way of brand promotion of a business, product or event at any venue, especially outdoors.Banners are widely used for advertisements, trade shows, events, birthdays and other life occasions.

Banner designing is very indicative and should have visual elements that appeals to the mass. The recent trend in this domain is online banner designing through various tools andsoftware. The leading software for online bannerdesigning are Fat Paint, Gimp, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator from Adobe, Mypaint, Paint NET, Blender, 5D Fly, Pixelmator, Inskabstract_banners_designscape and Skitch.

Banner designing involves few steps that needs to be followed sequentially. The assignment should start by adequate background check of the client, industry, competition banners and design strategies, company objective, values and ethics and the audience profile to which it will cater to. Designers should brainstorm and ideate the concept of design once he has researched all the information. For ideating, he may refer to various online catalogues for thoughts. Once the idea is brainstormed, the designer sketches and makes it alive through paper and software. The final design, placement, colour and font completed after client’s feedback is handed over.

Banner Printing in India is quite popular and mostly digital printing is used for the purpose. There are many organisation that offer such services. Some of the name of the companies that specialise in Banner Printing in India are:

  • Print Urgent
  • Vista Print
  • Print Bucket
  • Indiamart
  • Banner India
  • Whizprint

Digital Printing Services

In graphic designing, each and every product needs to be printed for end users. In this domain, there are two kinds of printing services- Offset and Digital.

Offset printing is the traditional method where which includes various steps like applying layers of ink to a paper with roller. Each roller has one colour: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. As the rollers move, ink is transferred to pages building the complete image and fonts.

Digital printing service is the newer method where the ink is appDigital-Printinglied from a single ink head and does not require a printing plate. Here images are directly sent to the printers from digital files like pdf or adobe In Design and Illustrator files. Digital printing only works on press sheet up to 18” x 12” and the print quality is slightly inferior to the offset variety.

Digital printing is cost-effective, comprehensive, and fast and can be done in small quantities. Moreover the same can be customised like printing different names and addresses in different pages. So it is extremely important for t shirts, badges, business cards etc. This method is available online nowadays and many companies based out of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune offer digital printing services online. Few names are printland, printstop, onlineprinters, digital press online, ink print and Thomson press.Digital printing in Delhi is very popular and many Delhi based companies offer such services too. Printtech, Chanaykya Mudrak, JV Digital Printing, Bigprints, Jumbo Digital Prints, A-One Digital Prints etc.